Over time Scandinavian Digital has anchored its project management methodology around Agile principles. We have learned that in order for true change to happen in organisations with a long legacy in specialised engineering, 3 pillars need to built on a solid foundation of direction and be guided by a leading landscape visble to everyone.


Cross-functional TEAMS need to be built with respect for the existing history. A TAKT will need to installed as the drum-beat that will sound the repetitive rhythm of regular events, i.e. separate sessions for planning, execution and reflective learning. Rapid and early prototyping will result in constant TEST for evaulation of work and refinement.

At Scandinavian Digital we have learned that unless the right LEADERSHIP can direct the combined work in the right direction and remove roadblocks that prevent FLOW self-managing teams tend to result in pure chaos that will be vey difficult to combine on a larger scale.

At Scandinavian Digital we are true believers of VISUAL MANAGEMENT in the absolute litterary sense. Project team members and other stakeholders need to be aware at all times of what it happening, where we are going and the status of issues and successes. Seeing is believing and at Scandinavian Digital we prefer to bring all details forward in the light, rather than store them away.