Cutting costs: maximizing results

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

Although the final design of a product can have been at a closed and definite state, internal prcedures of a company can often result in detached islands of design spin-offs, that are only created in order to satisfy the needs of a few employees. These employees often have their own siloed view within their own specialised area and spend time in transforming the technical design, already agreed with the customer, into a specialised view within e.g. electrical process control engineering, power enginering, logistics engineering, waste management, safety engineering, transport management, supply management and more.

When confronted with the lengthy procedures involved in each of these island design spin-offs the employees often respond with "a complex problem" often being the reason for the need of their specialised island design.

Our experience has shown that, these "complex problems" are very much repetitive in nature. The resulting designs and output from the specialised engineering most often lead to the same few options that repeat again and again. Due to the complexity that has been built manually in each of these processes the employees themselves have difficulties in seeing the inherent simplicity of the perceived complex problems.

Identifying these "islands of design spin-off" is a key for cutting unnecessary costs and will lead to a faster, leaner and more error-proof process that will ultimately maximise results for the end customer, be it in a speedier delivery, higher quality product, more consistent process and even lower price.

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