• Gösta Schwarck

Reduce lead times in the proposal and order execution

Last week I posted a blog show-casing how the engineering of an industrial fan was fully automated with the help of the Scandinavian Digital team. This week I repeat the same message, but with a different product as a show-case : an industrial filter.


A complete configurator of a filter was implemented.

The configurator is now able to output both 3D models as well as the 400-500 drawings in 2D that are required for component details and assembly instructions – all of which is changed automatically depending on the selected configuration.

Due to the many variations is was important to have a flexible tool that would optimise the construction – especially during the execution of the ordering phase – and the Scandinavian Digital configurator was chosen.

During the design of the configurator for the filter, the Scandinavian Digital team supported the product specialist team with a rigorous design update in order to optimize the product for sales and to be more competitive in the cut-throat market conditions.

The models are now made available for a certain set of internal users appointed by the product manager and are easily accessed via the online configurator.

After implementation, the process from start to finish now takes less than 40 minutes (from several weeks before!) – from the initial first questions are answered by the user in the drop-down menus to the final delivery of the technical documents and the output of the 3D models and 2D drawings that are needed for manufacturing.

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