Speeding up the quotation process

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

That the customer should wait several days or weeks has long been an accepted norm for products involving customised engineering of a certain complexity. Accepted by both customer and the selling organisation. "It takes time to deliver quality and ensure that all details involved in the specific project are considered", seems to have been the mantra.

But why ...?

What if the millions and even billions of possible combinations were formulated in a set of design rules and fed into a configurator? What if the hundreds of pages of text and thousands of 2D documentation with the specific projects details were generated automatically ? What if the entire process of a customer requesting a quote with engineering details, price and delivery terms until a final answer and quotation were to be delivered to the customers were to take no more than 15 minutes ?

In Scandinavian Digital we can showcase several customer stories of speeding up the quotation process, enabling the sales organisation to contact a larger portion of the market and process more leads to the company without putting strain to the existing engineering organisation. A fast response is often a qualifier for the customer and is a sign of a modern company that is in control of its internal processes. Often, the first quotes that a customer receives are also the ones that are remembered in the final stages of a buying process.

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